We gather at The Well to be well

This is where we connect, get strong, and grow as a community.


It is our mission to hold space and be the place where you nourish your body with exercise, mindfulness, and nutrition. We believe that when people feel their best, they create healthier, more supportive communities.


The source of our inspiration is each other, and we circle up at The Well to support each other to be well and continue to get healthier, stronger, and more connected to ourselves and our communities. Welcome.


Our Story

The Well Studio is a collaboration between a disabled military veteran and a yoga teacher.


When Ron Kodl met Stacy McGinty, they had both served their communities as owners of health-conscious studios (Ron and his wife Amy owned a franchise fitness facility, and Stacy is the founder of Dragonfly Yoga Dublin). Both felt that more could be done between the fitness and mindfulness worlds to build and grow community.


When the pandemic hit, they found their opportunity to begin afresh with a broader perspective on what healthy living really means. And that's how The Well Studio came to be. By looking at their diverse community and the great need for connection between people and practices, they agreed to join forces and create a new space that is more than a fitness center or yoga studio.


In early 2021, they launched this new endeavor as The Well Studio, which functions as a place to grow, learn, and be well in community.


All are welcome here

Our community is diverse, and we celebrate and honor that diversity through creating a safe place for all people to join in our yoga studio, gym space and programming:

the gym, classes, and events.


All are welcome here regardless of ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, gender identity, nationality, cultural origin, physical ability, veteran status, size, age, sexuality, or any aspect that can cause difference.


We do not tolerate harassment or hate speech of any kind, and welcome your communication on how we can do better where we might fall short.


Our Teachers


Stacy McGinty

Yoga, Meditation, Coaching

I teach from a place of fun and love. My emphasis in class is to listen to your inner voice, connect with breath and move in a way that feels good to the body. When you take a class with me you can expect to laugh, be challenged and also find moments of clarity and stillness within the pose. “My greatest intention when I teach is to hold space for the student to drop in and connect with at least one full breath. It is within that breath that we can find our truth.


Channing Azzolino

Absolute Barre

Combining her background in health care and extensive knowledge of alignment principles and orthopedic exercises, Channing developed Absolute barre to be a safe, effective and fun workout for people of all ages and capabilities.     


Studies at UCLA and Life Chiropractic College West lead her to a career in health related practice, but she never shook the love of fitness and was able to combine her passion with experience to create what she describes as a therapeutic exercise program in Absolute Barre.

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Molly Obert

Body Pump, Bootcamp,

 Strength & Core

14 years ago, I joined a gym and planned on walking the treadmill for 1/2 an hour, maybe pick up a few light weights....this would be my routine. One of the instructors pulled me into her class and a few weeks later asked me to teach it for her. I rekindled my love of teaching (I had taught for 10 years before having children), I got certified to teach group fitness, then cycle, and now weight training. I've come a long way in 14 years and I love helping clients make the connection with exercise that my instructor made for me 14 years ago! Everyone is served in my classes, I like to challenge you to do YOUR best and if you didn't guess, you may leave with a few ideas about what foods you may want to introduce into your life!

The_Well_Oct-21_00443 (1).jpg

Teresa Gonzalez

Mindful Flow, All Level Flow, Restorative, Yin & Nidra

I took my first Yoga Teacher Training in 2016 to deepen my own practice of more than 15 years, I wanted to know more of the philosophy. And what I found out is that you really learn more when you teach. I teach from my heart, I pass my knowledge to my students as I experience it in my body. For me yoga is a way of life, bringing my practice off the mat. Yoga has help me find the true me, uniting my energetic self with my calm and peaceful being. I love to stretch the whole body using breath and mindful movement. In my classes you will always have a restorative Savasana to help the mind find some quiet time. When I’m not teaching cycling, hiking, dancing or painting (on canvas, on paper, on walls, on t-shirts, ...) I speak Spanish, English, a little French, and a bit of Sanskrit.


Jackie Moy



I took my very first Absolute Barre class in 2014, and instantly fell in love with the program. It was the missing piece to my cardio and strength training regimen that I had never even known I was missing. Flexibility is the one thing I have always struggled to improve, and regular barre classes helped to finally alleviate my persistent hamstring tightness and lower back pain, as well as enhance my body awareness, improve my posture, and increase my strength. Absolute Barre is truly a workout for everyone, no matter their flexibility and fitness levels, and I love sharing this program with people! 


Lainie Pascal


I began practicing yoga in 2004, but unlike most people, I started meditating before I ever did a physical pose. Gradually I added in more of the physical practice, and I made the transition to teaching yoga in 2014. I currently teach vinyasa flow and restorative yoga because I love the balance of movement and stillness. In every class, I invite my students to find their focus, respect what their bodies need in the moment, and explore the poses while moving at their own pace.


Teresa Kamanea


My greatest gift is the ability to inspire my class to feel the joy of dance in every inch of their body as well as in the depths of their soul. My desire to be a dance fitness instructor rather than a dance instructor means that my class is about bringing maximum fun, movement, and sense of community to the student experience rather than perfection or judgement. You will be guided and encouraged to reach your energetic best. You only need the willingness to be open to it. Figuring out how to balance my passion for dance and fitness with my career as a high performance system administrator is ever evolving.


Kirsten Cash

Absolute Barre

I have been teaching barre for the last seven years and a student even longer. Prior to having children I was an elementary school teacher in Livermore and Pleasanton.  I have always had a strong passion for teaching and therefore was a natural transition when I had the opportunity to become a barre instructor. I am a total fitness junkie.  I love to run, strength train, walk with friends (I am one fierce walker), and of of course barre. I would say that my favorite part of being an instructor is the many relationships I have been able to create with my students over the years, whom I am lucky enough to call my friends. When I am not working out I am usually spending time with my husband and three teenagers.  If we are not at a basketball tournament or cheerleading competition on the weekends, we are spending time as a family creating as many memories as we can before the kids leave for college. 



Ruben Castillo

Mindful Flow, All Levels Flow, & Intro to Yoga

My introduction to Yoga many years ago was from the philosophy side, reading the classics texts and meditation, combining a professional life as a data analyst for over 35 years in front of a computer with an active life in sport, soccer mainly, later in life moving into cycling and triathlons, yoga helped shorten the recovery time after races and hard training sessions, it also helps at work with posture and mind clarity. I got my 200 hour teacher certification in 2018. In my class, you’ll find an invigorating safe space to develop a sustainable practice.



UJam & NIA

Every BODY was born to move. As people tap into their own connection to rhythm, souls are fed, heeled and ignited. I have witnessed so much joy, growth and mind body connection though my 30 year teaching career. I love every class I teach and enjoy connecting to my people and helping them to find THEIR connection to the rhythm. I have seen confidence built, fitness elevated and rich social connections made. I invite everyone to dance THEIR way. People are always invited to come just as they are, and dance from the heart.


Laura Fasman


As I continuously study yoga, my philosophy is that it is a lifestyle which adheres to morals embodied in daily life. I began my yoga journey in childhood, later introducing the practices of meditation and asana to my high school peers, and subsequently deepening my practice by more regularly attending public classes. Later, I completed my 200-hour teacher training with Yoga Garden SF. Embodying yogic morals in my life manifests in my activism and awareness of human and nonhuman suffering. Through my offerings, I hope to empower and help others to see their beauty, strength, and intelligence, while honoring and caring for themselves throughout their practice.


Lisa Eilenstine

Private & Semi Private Training

I am passionate about helping people feel better both physically and mentally. As a fitness trainer and coach, I want to continue motivating and empowering my clients to achieve their wellness goals through fun challenging workouts. With a background in nursing and many years of total body health and nutrition, I understand how important the connection is between physical fitness, disease prevention and wellness. By educating people and guiding them through their fitness goals, it is possible, literally, to change lives physically, emotionally, and mentally. I love being an inspiration for my clients of all ages and abilities to gain confidence and succeed on their fitness journey.


Lisa Pena

Cardio Kick, Ujam

I started teaching in 2010 when I got hooked on Ujam Fitness. I was a cheerleader in high school and always loved to dance. Out of the studio I work as an Orthodontic Assistant in Pleasanton and love to make people smile so naturally loved teaching when I could put smiles on peoples faces as they were working out. In 2014 I fell in love with Group Fight and have taught Fight ever since and can step in to teach other classes when needed as I am multi certified. When you love what you do it never feels like a job and I love all of the relationships I’ve made teaching.


Gillian Ellis

Yoga, Strength, Cardio, Semi Private, 1:1

Ive always been interested in sports growing up, once I got older I noticed how playing soccer had affected my body. I was struggling with knee problems, scoliosis, anxiety and many more issues. I had to make a desicision. Was I going to coninue to beat my body and mind up or would I learn how to properly train myself and others on the importance of moving well now for the long term. I chose the latter. So, I dove head first into yoga teacher training and from there I knew I needed to continue to learn and grow from the most knowledgeble in the industry.


Azine Davoudzadeh


The practice of yoga changed my life. I wanted to find a natural sustainable way to quiet my mind. Now, after 10 years of practice, I can say with confidence I have never felt more balanced and at peace in my life. I wanted to share this discovery with others which led me to the path of teaching. In my classes, I strive to spark that balance between ease of movement and finding your edge. I like to challenge my students but also encourage self compassion by listening to that inner wisdom we all have. You'll leave with a sense of reconnection to your body and breath. I'll see you on the mat!

kerry p headshot.jpg

Kerry Gallagher-Pickett

Absolute Barre

After taking my first Barre class 6 years ago, I was hooked. I love the burn, the workout, and most especially, the people. Exercise gives me balance and “fills my tank”. I have been teaching Barre for three years and love being an instructor as well as a participant. I am an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor and want to keep challenging myself to teach different kinds of classes and continue to learn new fitness skills. I am also a substitute teacher and a tutor in Pleasanton and truly love teaching in any capacity.

Nicole WS1 bio pic.jpg

Nicole Arriaga

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Nicole’s goal is to have a positive impact on the lives that she works with by guiding them become stronger and healthier. She believes in being rooted in healthy habits for longevity not vanity.  She holds a B.S in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise, Nutrition, & Wellness. In 2014 she started her health and fitness career in corporate fitness where she was able to gain experience as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. She has trained over a variety of clients with various goals. While training many of her clients, she discovered that many lacked flexibility and disliked stretching independently. She pursued a certification where she is able to practice fascial stretch therapy, one-on-one table based assisted stretching. She continues to further her education so that she continues to bring value to her clients.  Nicole has the passion and determination to find the best practice to help people achieve longevity, confidence, and growth.