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Day Retreats

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Goddess Day Treat 

Green Gulch Zen Center

04/29 9AM

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A day dedicated to your well-being, rest and connection. Join us for a full day (9-5p) to celebrate all that the woman that you are. It is important for all of us to slow down, connect with what is important to us and then create our vision of what we want. Use the time at the day retreat to find clarity and direction for your life. We will use the practice of yoga, meditation, breath and journaling throughout the day. The Green Gulch Zen Center is located on the coast of Muir Woods within the beautiful eucalyptus trees. We will practice in the yurt and then explore the center grounds and take a hike along the ocean. Lunch will be included. This is an opportunity to slow down and reset as we start into the spring season. What seeds are you planting? What are you tending to? Let the day give you the time an support to create the next best vision for you life.

Workshops & Specialty Classes




03/26 1PM

  • Define what the core and pelvic floor muscles are, and understand your current pelvic floor strength and condition.

  • Learn why peeing your pants when you cough/sneeze/run/jump/lift is NOT normal (although very common)

  • Learn how to do a self Diastasis Recti screening/measurement

  • Understand how C sections can be related to low back pain and pelvic floor issues.

  • Learn why having a strong core and pelvic floor goes beyond just doing kegels and ab exercises




04/16 5PM


Deeply immersive, full body listening experience that uses sound and vibrations from gongs, bowls and a variety of instruments and nature sounds to induce deep relaxation. The powerful therapeutic experience leaves you feeling grounded and rejuvenated. The restorative processes aid in stress reduction and promote an inner calm.

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