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1:1 & Semi-Private Training are your keys to positively impact your fitness & overall health.​ Investing in this exclusive way of training will not only guarantee you functional work outs, but provide you with compassionate accountability for your future in wellness.

All of our trainers are personal training certified and have extensive experience with a wide range of student capabilities. 

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Gillian has always been interested in sports growing up, once she got older she noticed how playing soccer had affected my body. She was struggling with knee problems, scoliosis, anxiety and many more issues. She had to make a decision. Was she going to continue to beat her body and mind up or, would she learn how to properly train herself and others on the importance of moving well now for the long term. She chose the latter.

So, she dove head first into yoga teacher training and from there she knew she needed to continue to learn and grow from the most knowledgeable in the industry.



I have passionately worked as a personal trainer for 25 years. I have been a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist since 2003. I received my bachelor degree in Science with a major in kinesiology-the study of human movement.  My studies specialized in emphasis on treating injured athletes.

I also lettered for 3 years in collegiate cross country.  My favorite hobby has been ultra marathon running since 2007.  

My mission is to get you to your fitness destiny in the safest, fastest and most efficient way. I believe that small habit changes are crucial to achieve lasting results. I will help you transform your body by making better movement decisions, lifestyle changes and exercise choices.  You are one step or rep closer to the finish line! Never surrender!  


Lisa E.

Lisa is passionate about helping people feel better both physically and mentally. As a fitness trainer and coach, she wants to continue motivating and empowering her clients to achieve their wellness goals through fun challenging workouts. With a background in nursing and many years of total body health and nutrition, she understands how important the connection is between physical fitness, disease prevention and wellness. By educating people and guiding them through their fitness goals, it is possible, literally, to change lives physically, emotionally, and mentally. Lisa loves being an inspiration for her clients of all ages and abilities to gain confidence and succeed on their fitness journey.


Tyler E.

Tyler’s passion stems from his love of fitness and helping others. He played soccer at multiple different levels, including the USA Youth National Team. During his time in high school, he suffered a right ankle growth plate fracture that lingered with him for 3 plus years. He experienced depression, anxiety, and self-doubt but vowed to become optimistic, positive, and dive into the wellness world to make sure no one feels how he felt. That led him into becoming a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and obtaining his Kinesiology degree from CSUEB. 


Tyler is always looking to create a connection and will make sure that if anyone needs help, he is there. 


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