Community is Collaboration 

We are proud to partner with leaders of health, wellness, nutrition and mindfulness to bring you new programming that supports community in a whole new way.

Our Community Collective offers free and member-only events monthly both in person and online.


Meet Our Collective

Stacy McGinty

The Well Studio Co-Founder 

Stacy brings over 25 years of practice and 20 years of teaching experience to our community. She holds innumerable teacher training hours in both asana and meditation, and has offered the east bay community yoga inside and outside of studios alongside unique coaching groups and 1:1 coaching. 

She brings a high level of experience and intellect that invites you into compassion on and off the mat, bringing the practice of yoga into the whole of life.  Learn more at

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Molly Obert

Co-Founder, Eat Real Food Nutrition

Molly has been supporting people to improve their health in measurable ways through nutrition for over 15 years. She coaches individuals, groups and communities with a humor and lightness while keeping it very real when it comes to what we put into our bodies.

Molly will be offering community-based learning that invites you to look at your food, your fridge, and your fitness in new ways that can shift the entirety of your health for the absolute better. Learn more about Molly at

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Deb Bonzell

Founder, The Well Workout

Deb is the founder and creator of The Well Workout, a fresh and practical approach to the crises of busyness, burnout, and loneliness. She designs and leads her wellbeing offerings drawing on her deep expertise in leadership development, integrative health & fitness, and mindfulness.

Deb will be hosting events that introduce you to the Well Workout, offering practical tools for an immediate lift to your wellbeing, at work, at home, and the places in between. Visit Deb at

Dr. Drew

Upper Cervical Chiropractor

Dr. Drew stands fora  world where people aren't held back by perceived limitations. As a doctor, coach, and teacher in the sports and fitness realm since 2008, he now leads group classes for adult and youth athletic programs and is bringing his ethos to the Well Studio!

He exudes his thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm by inviting you to develop strength and resilience both mentally and physically, empowering folks to set goals and the encouragement to achieve them. Find Dr. Drew at


All are welcome here

Our community is diverse, and we celebrate and honor that diversity through creating a safe place for all people to join in our yoga studio, gym space and programming:

the gym, classes, and events.


All are welcome here regardless of ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, gender identity, nationality, cultural origin, physical ability, veteran status, size, age, sexuality, or any aspect that can cause difference.


We do not tolerate harassment or hate speech of any kind, and welcome your communication on how we can do better where we might fall short.