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Shaping your mind with the body

The Well Studio is an oasis in a crazy world .


The atmosphere is grounding, the staff immensely supportive and knowledgeable and the clients are wonderfully accepting of one another.


I love being a part of The Well community.

Marti W
Yoga-Specific Schedule
Yoga Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions


yoga class for women

A class to move you, challenge you and remind you how strong you are! A fluid mindful flow with yoga basics, and a full body strength workout using hand weights and body weight. We will sweat, work and laugh. Some experience in vinyasa flow and using weights suggested but not mandatory. Space is limited so sign up online!


yoga for beginners

A mindful flow class with extra time at the end for a restorative pose or meditation or maybe just a long savasana.


yoga studio

Join us for a class to calm the body and restore the mind in a restful way. Yin will help you slow down and deeply stretch the muscles- poses are held for a longer period and support can be used. Yoga nidra will help relax the entire body through a guided meditation.


Indoor Yoga Class

This is a strong paced class that requires some experience. Modifications will be given but some experience in vinyasa flow is suggested. We will move through Surya Namaskar, standing poses, inversions, arm balances, seated postures and savasana.



mindful yoga

This is a signature class at The Well Studio. A fluid flow class for all levels...taught at a slower pace with direction and instruction to help you understand the poses. It is simple but not necessarily easy. Come have fun with us! Lots of space to modify and create your own practice.

Positionaliy Statement Light

Honoring the Roots of These Practices

We understand that the practices shared at The Well Studio are often taught by folks who might not look like the people from which these practices originated. We have dedicated ourselves to learning the full breadth of the history of these practices on an ongoing basis, and continue to do so as a life & work practice. From our asana (physical yoga) practices to meditation offerings, we honor the roots of these practices and hold them with great care and embodiment. We continue to learn and grow our practices with our community.

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